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Guys Night In

Hanging out with my Dad
Hanging out with my Dad

Experiencing An Unusual Weekend. Friday evening, I began to notice something unusual: Mom wasn’t home. She and my Dad are usually together—after all, they are still newlyweds since they have been married under two years.

Daddy came home from the grocery store and was working on his blog, Hiking with Your Honey. He sat in his normal writing spot at the table, and I sat with Him for a while in peace next to his feet. I was also brave going outside with him. At night, the scary mechanical birds they call airplanes don’t seem to fly overhead as much (we live right by an airport).

Every time Dad got up, I expected him to go to the door, and that Mom would walk in. But she didn’t. I began to get stressed. Dad couldn’t figure out why I was stressed and tried to feed me, cleaned my box, and scratched my head. The petting eased my pain a little, and I calmed down because it was time to go to bed.

The next day, though, Dad didn’t engage in the normal routine of having our “couch time” Bible study right away. He had a morning appointment and much to do that Saturday, so he got busy with our technological tasks and laundry.

Crying Out for A Familiar, Comforting Activity. I kept meowing at Him, missing my Mom. I looked all around the apartment and couldn’t find her. But I was also meowing because I could tell my Dad wasn’t Himself either.

Finally, in an effort to comfort me, my Dad did something that comforted us both.

He went to the couch for “couch time.” He got out my favorite blanket and our devotional books, and I ran up and jumped on His lap, like I always do. He began to read and pray like he and Mom normally do each morning.

Finding Peace. I think I was comforted by routine being reestablished and He was comforted by God, who was speaking to my Dad that it is His power that enables people to get tasks done and His Spirit that enables people to find the best direction for the day.

A few hours later, Mom came home. I was so excited to see her. I ran to her when the door opened and Dad picked me up so we could have a parent sandwich. My purring motor roared with delight, and all was well.

Understanding that the Discomfort Had a Purpose. It turns out, Mom was at a women’s conference at her church. She loves her boys at home, but every once in a while, she needs extended fellowship and teaching with just the ladies. She came home tired from the deep teaching, but with a satisfied soul. When she arose this morning, she was refreshed and happy. We had our normal “couch time” once again—and all was well.

Applications for Life

When your routine changes and discomfort ensues, consider engaging in a comforting activity to help divert your mind from your new circumstances. I also encourage you to find someone to pray with.

I hear my parents pray that God would show them what He wants them to learn about the circumstance. Finally, give thanks in the everyday for the “normal” patterns of life—for the people that you love, and the activities and routines that make up your life. Appreciate the simple things and the little moments—you are storing memories and treasures in your heart to get you through the challenges.

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).