Take More Breaks, Mom! 

Laying on Mom's work so she can't get to it
Laying on Mom’s work so she can’t get to it

My Mom works as an editor, and she is blessed to get to stay home next to me to do that, if she chooses.

Sometimes, when she is rushed to meet a deadline, I don’t like what that does to her. She doesn’t have as much time to play with me or write my thoughts as she does on days when her schedule goes as planned.

She and I both function better is she has more margin in her day. She is nicer to me and not as stressed.

I see her duress, and I try to help her. I sit on top of her projects as much as possible. Then, she can’t work! Genius, right? I think so.

Now that she has an injury, I also know that it can be hard for her to get me off of the papers that she needs. After all, I am a burly 23-pound hunk of love. I know I have said that many times—but it bears repeating.

I’m still a single cat and am taking inquiries for my soulmate! Well, maybe. I actually don’t know if I want to share my castle. No—I don’t. Scratch that idea.

Where was I? Oh yes. I remember. I was telling you how I purposely sit on top of mom’s work to make her take a break and pet me. I have to be THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING!

What happens if she doesn’t heed my advice to take a break? What do I do if she pushes my off her papers and she keeps working?

Well, I get kind of obnoxious. One time, I marched right into a Skype conference call. Luckily, her client loves cat and had been asking to see what I looked like. My reputation had proceeded me and I took over the entire meeting because everyone at the virtual table oohed and ahhed at my cuteness.

I thought it went very well, but Mom doesn’t do work for that client any more, so maybe it didn’t. I guess I should be more careful. But she should take more breaks—and when she takes them, she could always take a cat nap with me.

Applications for Life

Do you have enough margin in your day? How do you take enough mental breaks to cope with life’s unexpected deadlines and curveballs? Does someone have to force you to stop in that scenario? If so, maybe you could consider a strategy to satisfy your need for periodic mental breaks. If pets or family members are distracting, maybe consider ways to divert their attention to something that may also be a better way to spend their time.

Thoughts? We would love to hear them in the comments below!