The Cat’s In the Bag

I'm in the suitcase. They can't leave again without taking me with them.
I’m in the suitcase. They can’t leave again without taking me with them.

My parents got home late last night, and I was so glad to see them. I have been happy all day that I got to have couch time with them—and I was glad that Dad picked up the poopy presents that I left to show them that I don’t like it when they leave.

If I look back on a few days ago, I know that I can get a little freaked out when they pack. It’s likely because I know that something is changing. I know they may be leaving when all the stuff seems to get moved toward the front of the apartment.

I really don’t understand why they don’t take me with them. Maybe it’s because the one time they did I was such a mess, howling at the other cat in the house. 

So all day today, I have had a brilliant idea: Anytime my mom moves toward the door, I jump into the suitcase! That way, she will have to take me with her if she leaves! Or she will have to stay here with her stuff. Either way, I win!

Oh, and when my parents leave—even if it is just for a few days—they take sooo much of our house with them.

They usually travel with 10 bags—no that’s not a typo with an extra 0 at the end—that’s TEN bags.

I know, its excessive. My aunt Liana sure thinks so. That’s why she took this picture of my parents with all of their stuff for four days. It takes a cart to carry my parent’s stuff!

My parent's stuff for just a long weekend trip...that's 10 bags, folks!
My parent’s stuff for just a long weekend trip…that’s 10 bags, folks!

But mom says it keeps them more organized because everything has it’s own compartment. Dad used to be more reasonable carrying just a few bags, but now that he is also typing his blog everyday, the pain in his wrists and arms is acting up.  So, he goes along with each bag being smaller and lighter.

Well—except for his suitcase. He keeps it pretty full. I’m lying in his suitcase now. He says if he has to carry it, it might as well be nearly full.

What in the world is in all these bags? They have a book bag, a vitamin bag, a food bag, a beverage bag, two bathroom bags, two suitcases, an emergency bag, and a technology bag.

Packing and unpacking is a major feat for my parents! They said they are done with the adventures for a while, and that the hibernating at home season is coming.

I know that I am glad that they plan to be here for a while. But as long as this suitcase is out, I’m staying in it—just in case.

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