10 Things I’m Grateful For

With my pen in hand...pondering for these posts...Enjoy!
With my pen in hand…pondering for these posts…Enjoy!

At this time of year, Mom and Dad are talking about thankfulness. They intentionally remember the blessings and experiences they have shared over the past year. So, I decided to share what I am most thankful for in one post. Those of you who have had a chance to read my words during the last month may find this list somewhat predictable, but Mom tells me it’s OK to give thanks as often as possible, so here is goes:

  1. My Mom and Dad. They love me, feed me, pet me, hold me, let me be the center of attention, put up with all my crazy (but cute) antics, let me sleep as they write, and take lots of pictures of me to help my dream of sharing my cuteness and insights with the world. We are just starting this public journey, so we will see where it goes. I know I am connecting with cats all over the world on Twitter, and that is fun. Mom says that over Thanksgiving break, she is going to let me have my own social media pages! Is she great or what?
  2. Laps and chests. My favorite place to lay is on a lap if my people are sitting up. If they are laying down, I get on top of their chests. I purr and snort and carry on. All my people have to do is pet me. And, if you come over to our house and stay very long, I will do it to you too. My Gigi (grandma) visited us not too long ago, and I crawled on top of her as she rested, too!
  3. Morning couch time. This special time is when Mom, Dad and I read devotional books, the Bible and pray. Mom and Dad sip hot beverages as they ask God for guidance about work and life issues. They also lift up family members and friends. I cross my hands and pray right along with them, as I sit patiently and pray. Mom and Dad trust God to direct each day, and He faithfully show them His priorities!
  4. My food. I know my love for food may be obvious by my 23-pound, burly feline physique. But , just in case you can’t tell how much I eat from the pictures, let me tell you that I LOVE MY FOOD! My parents ration my food and have me on a weight-loss formula, but it is still sooo good!
  5. My parents food: Isagenix protein shakes. My parents both have been drinking these drinakable delights for more than a year for weigh loss and health. I know my mommy wishes she never gave me a taste—but she did. And I meow for them every morning like CRAZY! I know when my parents move around after couch time, my tastes are coming!
  6. Hair ties. These little round circles are better than any cat toy on the market, hands down. I love to get my paws in them and throw them down the hall. It’s my ongoing source of simple entertainment that never gets old.
  7. Daddy’s shoes. I love everything about my Daddy. He is kind and patient, yet macho and manly. I want to be just like him when I grow up. But when Daddy is at work, I like to lay on his shoes, just to remember his scent. Sometimes, I even lick them. Don’t be grossed out—it’s what cats do.
  8. Sandwiches.” A sandwich is a term that I coined for my hugs with my parents. It started when Mom began using me as a pillow. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I was surprised. I would just purr for a long time. Then, when my parents first get home from going out, and just before they put me to bed each night, Dad usually picks me (because Mom can’t with her injured shoulder) and they hug with me in the middle. Other than couch time, this is my absolute favorite thing. I squeal in delight.
  9. My box and the bathroom. I love my box to be clean and for it to be in my favorite spot for it in the hallway. It gets much use because I eat so much. But I don’t only love my box, I love my parents “box”—the bathroom— as well. I love it so much that I bust the door open to get in there whenever my parents are in there. I love to sit on their feet in front of the toilet. I also love to hang out with them when they get ready. I put my paws up on the sink and stand on the toilet just to be with them. They try not to let me drink toilet water or water after they have showered from the tub, but sometimes I sneak some anyway. ?
  10. A small apartment. I used to live in a larger house, but I like living in an apartment, where my parents write in the same room at night. I can see both of them at once and lay in between them. I take turns getting on their laps or sitting at their feet. But I always have to have both of them in sight. Well, that’s enough for me to chew on for a while. Since today is the last day of my 30-day blog challenge, I am signing off for a while and will write less frequently.

But stay tuned and when I get my own pages, I’ll invite you to the party!

Mean while, if you have enjoyed my words, would you tell me so below? Or share anything on your mind.

Cheers from this Happy Cat,