Cleaning Out the Gunk—With a Little Help


Clive, my 23-pound tabby hunk of feline love, teaches me life lessons every day. I thought it was high time I shared his words with you. 


I’ve got gunk. Every morning when I, Clive the Cat, wake up, part of my morning routine is letting my mom get the “gunk” out of my eyes. It’s this icky, crusty brown stuff. Because it keeps my eyes shut, it can be hard for me to wake up and get to my morning hair tie chase time, or to jump up onto my mom’s lay for essential head scratching time

I resisted help because I didn’t know better. When Mom first started trying to get my gunk out, I didn’t like it. In fact, I would squirm and contort to get away. That was a futile effort—she never let me go.

I didn’t know life without the “gunk,” and I guess I just accepted it as part of my limitations of being feline—kind of like how I have to rely on these tall creatures to feed me.

I’m better off without my “gunk.” But now after a few weeks of her forcing me to sit still, I know that once she gets the crusty, stuck part out, it is then easier for me to get about the business of being a cat. I can then use my own paws so that I can then finish washing the rest of my face and giving myself a bath.

Not only can I finish my self-grooming, but I can also see more clearly to run to my fresh morning bowl of food, and, once I am nourished, I have the energy to run into my parents lap for plenty of head petting and purring for my favorite activity ever: couch time.

So, instead of backing away like I used to when my mom gets my gunk out, I sit still and let her help me. When she is finished, I show my gratitude by licking her fingers. I know that her getting my gunk out is a much faster way for me to get to my ultimate goal. I know that she is loving me by helping me, and I celebrate how I am getting better—without the gunk and with her help.

Applications for Your Business and Life: What gunk are you living with? Who can you ask for help getting it out? Is there someone you already know who is ready and able to help? Is there someone you could ask for a referral? Should you call a graphic designer, a personal trainer, a doctor, a house cleaner—or perhaps a counselor or pastor?

Getting help may be just what you need. Ask God to help you push aside any pride, and ask Him and others who you trust about who—or what—you might need to get help with.

Just like Clive, you could find that with that help, you may get to your daily tasks faster—and ultimately have more energy for the things in life that you treasure the most.


Loral, Clive’s mom, in addition to helping Clive get the gunk out, is a professional writer and journalist who helps authors and businesses get whatever message is in their heads out to their target audiences. If you need help crafting a creative campaign, evaluating your content or editing a book, blog or other materials, check out her services at

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