Jumping into My Daddy’s Lap

Clive, my 23-pound tabby hunk of feline love, teaches me life lessons every day. I thought it was high time that I shared his words with you.

daddys lap
In my happy place—on Daddy’s lap

I, Clive the Cat, howl when my routine isn’t exactly right this morning. My mom is up, but my Daddy isn’t. When I can’t see both of my parents, I get upset. I long for the comfort of both of my parents to be on the couch with me.

Despite my loudest howls, daddy’s Saturday slumber wasn’t broken. He finally relents and gets up after one of his best friends calls and they have a chance to talk.

Meanwhile, Mom is trying to comfort me—to no avail. I need to see my Daddy. I need to see him up and about where I know that he is watching and caring for me.

The moment Daddy gets to the couch, I settle in on his lap, and I am comforted. After a few minutes, I am comforted enough to go rest on my own, but I still lay down on Daddy’s shoes. I show my parents that they can rest at God’s feet like that. I sleep peacefully on Daddy’s shoe for quite some time. Later, I was awakened by a cell phone ring. I am still laying there, but I have to look around and process what to do next. To deal with this new challenge and upsetting circumstance, I need more of Daddy.

The only place I find comfort is in Daddy’s lap. I run back there and jump into my favorite seat. It doesn’t matter what else Daddy is doing—I know my Daddy will stop everything to comfort me—and I am right.

I settle in—showing my parents love by literally “kneeding” them. I dig my paws into the soft blanket that drops across both of my parents’ laps, and we all sit closely to each other on the couch.

Similarly, God, their Heavenly Father, orchestrates and provides comfort for my parent’s lives. He is there watching over them as they sleep. He wakes them up at night. God nudges my parents to notice Him, just because He wants to be with them. Once they look to the Heavenly Father, and they see that He is there, He comforts them—and gives them rest at His feet. When the distractions, trials and difficulties of life surface, just as He had told them, He calls them. They hear Him if they are listening, and they run full speed ahead into His lap. God is delighted when my parents do that every time.

God is also pleased as my parents continue to dig their paws into His Word. He also longs for them to continue to commune with Him in prayer. And this dance of coping and relating and being soothed through life continues. He continues to meet and exceed their needs as my parents respond to God’s signals—and all is well.


Loral, Clive’s mom, in addition to providing a second lap for Clive, is a professional writer and editor who helps authors and businesses get whatever message is in their heads out to their target audiences. If you need help crafting a creative campaign, evaluating your content or completing a book, blog or other materials, check out her services at cowriterpro.com