Taking Care of Business . . . Before It Gets Worse

Clive, my 23-pound tabby hunk of feline love, teaches me life lessons every day. I thought it was high time that I shared his words with you.

Clive, keeping himself groomed, as part of his regular routine.
Clive, keeping himself groomed, as part of his regular routine.

Yesterday I mentioned that my parents finally got the hint and moved my litter box to where I like it. They put it in the hallway. I also like my litter box without a lid so that I can maneuver easily to cover my tracks. (Like I said, I can’t cover it well with the lid on because there isn’t enough room for my burly body).

Taking Out The Trash. But, I don’t let my trash pile up. If my parents don’t get rid of my waste in a timely manner, I take my business elsewhere. We have a deal—I go in my box, and they clean it. It’s simple. If they don’t keep their end of the bargain, they get to pick up my trash from someplace they don’t think is a trash repository—like the carpet.

Keeping Groomed. I am very clean. That’s why my mom let’s me get my gunk out of my eyes, because that’s they only place I can’t clean on my own. Every morning, I take a bath, starting with my paws, face, and then proceed to my entire body. It just makes me feel better and ready for my day.

Staying Fueled. I never have a problem with this one. I love to eat, and I do it each day to get me going. I then have plenty of energy for loving my parents as they get ready, for inspiring my mom to write during the day, and greeting my daddy after he comes home from the office.

Applications for Life and Business

Just like taking care of Clive, I’ve learned that it’s best to address the sticky issues before they get worse. I wish that I could ignore these difficulties, but that only makes the problem worse. I’ve also learned that I perform better in a tidy environment, even though I am not as much of a neat freak as Clive is. And finally, after many years of working through lunch, I have learned to not let myself get hungry, and to stay hydrated. Taking care of myself is a best strategy I have for the highest productivity.

Life can be difficult enough as it throws us unexpected curve balls. Are you doing your best with what you can by taking care of the basics to make you the most effective? It may be the simple things that can help keep you grounded.

Loral, Clive’s mom, is a professional writer and editor who helps authors and businesses get whatever message is in their heads out to their target audiences. If you need help crafting a creative campaign, evaluating your content or completing a book, blog or other materials, check out her services at cowriterpro.com